Okay, I’ve tried to work sudoku puzzles. I keep saying that I don’t like them because I’m not a whiz at math, and people keep pointing out that there’s really no math involved.

Still . . . what can I say? The game leaves me cold, but I know that millions of people LOVE it. Okay. I can’t do the ennegram (or whatever they call that thing in the paper) either, but I like crossword puzzles.

I suppose my brain is just more wired for words than numbers.

Anyway, if YOU like sudoku, you’re in luck. Nikoli, the company that invented Sudoku, is coming out with at least 250 more puzzles.

No one can deny that sudoku has taken the world by storm. It has been carried, at one time or another, in more than 600 papers in 66 countries. It has been the topic of more than 200 books that have sold 20 million copies worldwide.

So . . . be on the lookout for more Nikoli puzzles. If you like numbers, you’ll soon be in puzzle heaven! Me, I’ll stick with the crosswords . . .



  1. Lynda

    I’m with you, Angie! I’ve never been able to get into sudoku puzzles. My main goal is just to someday beat the dreaded “Maven” in my computer scrabble game!Frankly, I think she cheats! 🙂

  2. Ane Mulligan

    Me, too, Angie. And I watched my granddaughter whiz through them at Thanksgiving. Me? A dismal failure. But give me a good word puzzle, and I’m the whiz. LOL

  3. Accidental Poet

    Yes, Maven cheats. She has dynamic access to the dictionary – once she uses a word, it exists.

    Or I know way less than she does 😉

    Sudoku annoys me intensely. I have tried, more than once, and after five minutes I think “Who cares????” and put it away 🙂

  4. Suzanne

    I just don’t get those at all. Give me a good word search, I can beat the socks off of anyone in those. Besides, why play with numbers when you can play with words?

  5. jan

    i like word jumbles.

  6. Pam Meyers

    I’m so glad to be in good company here! Last summer at a family gathering my cousins were all immersed in the daily sudoku puzzle in the paper. I sat there like a lump of dough saying “anyone for Scrabble?” LOL Since then I have studied them in the paper thinking “I can do this.” My brain refuses to get it. Like most here say, give me a good old crossword puzzle and I go to town. Nothing wrong with that!

  7. Patti Goldbach

    I’m with you, give me crossword puzzles any day.

    Want to pass along to you a Blog you might enjoy. It’s by Paul Joseph (he’s David’s brother and lives in Georgia.)It’s http://www.criesoftheheart.com

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks, Angie – my daughters will be ecstatic … as for me, give me a good book! Clyde


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