Another of my newspaper columns has appeared in The Tampa Tribune. Here’s a link if you’d like to read it online: .

It’ll be interesting to see reactions in the paper. If you pop over to read it, be sure to let me know what you think.

Oh–and if you won a copy of THE ELEVATOR last week, you will let me know what you think, right? Please? You’re the first official readers!



  1. Carrie K.

    Great column, Angie! I hope you post about the newspaper reader reactions.

  2. BJ

    Great writing about an an infinitely important issue, Angie. I’ll be interested in what sort of responses it receives.


  3. Melissa

    I can see and understand both sides of the argument about babies. My youth pastor had a daughter that had several medical issues. She was a sweet spirit and all who knew them suppoerted and loved them all. I totally disagree on abortion but I have a hard time wrapping my thoughts of bringing a child in this world knowing from the second they’re born,the pain and constant hardship of suffereing that none of us can really know or understand the pain they’re in. But then again,if it’s not to be God’s will then he’ll take the child home to be with him before then

  4. Kay

    Great column! I am fascinated by words. The way a word can change an entire perception. The way we continually rename things as if that changes what they are. My dad worked at the State Hospital for years. They called it that because Mental Institution didn’t sound nice anymore. Now it is called the Mental Health Institute. Changing the words doesn’t change what it is. Maybe we need to change our perceptions, rather than our words.

  5. Robin Bayne

    Good article! Heartbreaking subject!

  6. Mz Deanna

    Great writing! Point very well made! I’ll be following your blog!

  7. Missy

    very well written, it really is sad the way life can be reduced by words.

    BTW: I was finishing another book when I got The Elevator and have now started it. Shouldn’t take me to long since spring break is starting 🙂 So far so good!

  8. Anonymous

    What a horrible balance this shows us … babies that once were institutionalized when there was little that could be done to care for them, are now able to live better and happier lives in the warmth of their families, yet face termination before they are born because the same depth of technology that helps them live better lives can just as easily snuff them out because they are “damaged goods.”

    Clyde Osterhaus Thayer


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