Welcome back to another book of the month! This month’s featured novel is THE PEARL, published by WestBow in 2003.

Catalog copy:

She had the perfect life until the accident. Now science offers an opportunity to replace what she has lost–but at what cost?

Diana and Steve Sheldon had it all–successful careers, nice home, a lovely teenage daughter, an adorable five-year-old son. But when a freak accident ravages their happy family, Diana, a professional radio counselor, finds herself viewing the world through new eyes of grief–and accepting ideas and situations she would have considered unacceptable only a few weeks before.

When a research foundation offers to restore her loss through a medical marvel, Diana is convinced she has found the answer to her family’s anguish. Determined to sacrifice anything that stands between her and healing for her broken heart, she proceeds along a dangerous course, never dreaming that healing might prove more destructive than hurt…

As timely as today’s newspaper, The Pearl is an honest, heart-rending look at life and faith through a contemporary mother’s eyes.

Tomorrow: the germination of the idea.


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  1. Anonymous

    Oh, how I loved this book. Filled with heart-rending poignancy and dilemas we pray we never have to deal with, this book is yet another that faces issues head-on in today’s world. I had a hard time putting it down! Clyde


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