In Sunday’s paper, I read an article that more than piqued my interest. As a fan of shows like The X-Files, I’ve always been interested in the inexplicable. This article more than qualifies.

Seems that a foot turned up in the landfill in Spotsylvania County, VA. At first deputies thought someone had committed a murder (or at the very least, a maiming), so they began to look for other body parts. Finding none, they went back to the foot. It’s eight-inches long with five long toes . . . and now they’ve decided it’s not human.

But what is it? Gorillas don’t roam in Virginia (and, incidentally, I don’t think Bigfoot does, either.)

The foot was cleanly sawed off, and authorities have sifted through another 127 tons of trash to make sure there weren’t other limbs sawn asunder and recycled. Some say the appendage resembles a bear’s skinned hind paw. Tim Biscardi, a bigfoot believer, posted an image ofthe foot on . He’s not sure this foot is a bigfoot’s foot (try saying that a couple of times), but he believes in them. (You can go there if you want to see the picture. Ick.)

If the foot is a bigfoot/sasquatch/yenti, then it’s small and probably from a child.

Bob Hagan, president of the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, says the foot is a possible marketing tool for the area. “It might be a real pull for tourism,” he toldl the Washington Post. “Minnesota has Paul Bunyan; we’d have to go with just Bunion.”




  1. Deborah

    ahhh i used to have nightmares of bigfoot when i was younger. 🙁
    finding a foot in fredericksburg is too close to home….

  2. W. Mark Whitlock

    Who knows… Maybe Thomas Nelson planted it to get more marketing out of MONSTER by Peretti. (Too bad it doesn’t fit the plot of UNSPOKEN.)

  3. eileen

    So your blog is for Mom and Aunt Irene according to Charis? Well, I read it daily and am amazed at what you know! Thanks for many lessons…

  4. Angela

    Yea! Now we can all get back to wondering about the Loch Ness monster . . .



  5. Doni Brinkman

    Shoot! I was hoping it was real. (And I loved Peretti’s “Monster”)

  6. Kay

    Aww. I do wish someone would find a Bigfoot already! If God can make a platypus, he can make a Bigfoot, and a Scottish Loch monster, too!


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