I’m so excited I have something to watch on TV again! Monday nights, Jack is back. Oh, how I’ve missed him and the CTU gang!

And no less an entity than the Wall Street Journal was singing Jack’s praises today. Brian M. Carney, a member of the Journal’s editorial board, wrote an insightful editorial about 24 . . . and Jack Bauer, of course.

Mr. Carney begins with a description of this season’s opening dilemma–an ordinary citizen must cooperate with terrorists in order to save his family. Mr. Carney says that such an ordeal “points with profound implications for our current real-world moment. You don’t need to watch “24” as a kind of primer on moral philosophy, but you probably should.”

And for those who scoff at Jack’s indefatigable character (which I adore), Mr. Carney adds, “Which is not to say that the characters in the show always see things as difficult; it would stretch credulity if every character had a knack for moral subtlety. The show’s characters–good, bad, and in between–can be judged by the extent to which they are able to weigh these countervailing demands.”

You see, Jack never has to choose between good and bad–he has to choose between saving the ones he loves or the entire world. Or killing one bad guy with a bomb versus taking out the bad guy holding the nation hostage. Moral dilemmas, yet Jack always seems to come out on top, usually by sacrificing himself.

“The most interesting complications that ensue as a season of “24” unfolds are the moral ones. And the show’s great virtue is that it never pretends that these dilemmas are simple or false.”

That’s why we LOVE this show!

Now, if I could just convince my hubby that Jack doesn’t ALWAYS whisper. I’ve heard him yell “Get down!”

As long as their are no cougars, no amnesia, and no Kim, I think this’ll be a GREAT season. 🙂



  1. Catherine

    It is so good to know that you still have your feet on the ground. You are down to earth and have a favorite TV show. I have a love hate relationship with the TV. The thing I like these days is football (well I already told you my woes there but How about those Gators?!!) I suppose I will be watching the superbowl but I will be rooting for Chicago.
    My family is watching season 3 of 24. I really liked the first season but we have not caught up yet so we are not watching the current season. It seems to be one of those shows that gets into your blood and like oxygen you must have more.

  2. Sheryl

    I love 24 too! I started watching about mid-season during Day 1, and I’ve seen every day since 🙂

    I couldn’t help but think (in fact I journaled about it) how Jack should be an example to us as disciples of Christ. Can you imagine what kind of affect we, as Christians, could have in the world if we served God as single-mindedly as Jack serves his country?


  3. BJ

    Still hard to believe that the WSJ wrote that kind of an article, well-deserved though it is!

    The power of Bauer–it just keeps getting better.


  4. K-Mac

    Aw…I like Kim.

  5. Lynda

    Angie, I tried to fight it, but the pressure was too much. After reading numerous blogs by you about 24, I finally gave in and watched the show for the first time. I have no clue what has gone on before and can’t imagine watching all the previous seasons to catch up, but I must say, with just the season opening show–I’m hooked. I hope you’re happy.

    Jack Bauer is certainly a 21st century hero — and seems rather indestructible. I will be watching with interest to see how he saves the world–or at least the USA–from all those nasty exploding cases.

    See how influential your powers of pursuasion are? I’m just glad you use your power for good. So…is there a 12-step program out there to deal with this addiction?? 🙂
    Lynda in MO


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