Since Monday I’ve been back at work on the WIP, tossing six thousand words per day on the computer screen. Of course they’re stinky words! But as long as I have something to work with, I can go back and work.

This book, the second in the Fairlawn series, deals with issues of life and death (of course), as well as several other things I’m keeping under my hat. One thing I’m using is the TRUE fact that back in 1961, a bunch of families in Mt. Dora (the city where the books are set) pooled their resources and built an elaborate bomb shelter under an orange grove. They thought of everything, and laid in enough supplies to last them at least six months.

The shelter still exists, though they turned off the dehumidifiers long ago and now everything is covered with mold, and I’m going to use it in my plot. No, I don’t really know where it is, and the present day townspeople aren’t talking. But it’s been kind of fun to send my book’s teenage boys off on a search for what is known as “the Catacombs.”

Want to tell you about a book that arrived at my house the other day: HOLDING HEAVEN, by Jerry Jenkins, with paintings by Ron DiCianni. The book is a simple story, but so lovely. I thought I’d read just about every imaginable slant on the Christmas story, but Jerry has written one I hadn’t considered–the story of Joseph and Jesus as father and son. It is truly lovely!

Well, I still have 6,000 words to write today, so I’d better get busy.



  1. Christina Berry

    So glad to find your blog so I can get to know you before you speak at OCW this summer. I’ve linked up to you on my blog. If you want to check it out…

    I can’t believe you can do 6,000 a day. I might be able to once, but then I’d collapse for a week. I’m pushing myself right now for 1200/day.

    So excited about the Mandisa book. I cried when she got kicked off!


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