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If you’ve been reading this blog a while, or even if it’s your first time, I’d like to ask you to pray for my friend Jane. Jane is a Christian novelist, an editor, and one of the wittiest women I know. She’s a Texas gal, she’s a wife and the mother of boys, and she loves baseball. She’s a fan of 24, and she’s the one who turned me on to Alias. There’s so much I could say about Jane, but right now I need you to know that she specifically needs some blood cells to grow.

A few months ago, Jane learned that she’s suffering from leukemia. She’s (about) my age. She’s endured chemotherapy for some time now, and her immune system is weak. She’s tired, and she needs our prayers.

So if you would please lift Jane to our Father, I’m sure she and her family would appreciate it. I know I would.



  1. Tracy

    Oh, how I hate cancer. May God place His healing hand on Jane and restore her blood cells and her body. May He give her strength, courage, comfort, love, and peace. May He surround her with His tender care, and use all of this for His glory.

  2. Kristin

    Jane is one of my very favorite people on earth!! I am so praying that she gets those healthy cells and fast!! Thanks for the great reminder on what a fabulous person Jane is. : )

  3. lisa

    I’m praying, Angie. I had no idea Jane was going through this.

  4. Denise Hunter

    Jane is a special woman. Thanks for posting this, Angie. I’ve been praying for her daily and will continue!

  5. Vicky

    Dear Father,
    I lift Jane up before You for Your comfort and healing. We do not know Your ways, Lord, but help Jane to trust in You and draw close to You for strength. Send her those she needs to help her through this trial, and restore her to health for Your glory.

  6. Lillie Ammann

    I’m praying for Jane and will also send a message to LoveKnot to ask for prayers. Though you and Jane are no longer in the group, you will always be our sisters in Christ.
    May the Lord bless Jane with healing.

  7. Suzanne Schaffer

    Praying for Jane

  8. Todd

    Consider Jane prayed for. 🙂


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