I sat down and opened our Sunday papers, then ended up weeping over both of them. Both the Tampa Tribune (front page) and the St. Pete Times (front page, sports section) featured long articles on Tony Dungy: not his record, not his skills (though those were certainly mentioned), but on the man’s character.

I talked to my hubby about it. “You know, everyone knows he’s a Christian,” I pointed out, “but he’s not a preacher. He simply demonstrates the things he talks about: he is humble, he’s consistent, he’s good at his job, and he’s devoted to his family and his community. He doesn’t get in anyone’s face, he simply lives the life, singing in the church choir, working in Bible School, driving in his kids’ carpool.”

That’s what we need more of. Quiet, consistent men (and women) of God.

So when the superbowl rolls around, I’ll be rooting for the Colts . . . a long with a LOT of other people in Florida. You think I’m exaggerating? Just read the articles: here and here.

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  1. Dianne

    Living the life. Yes, Tony is an example of what following Christ is all about. Thank you for highlighting this on your blog!


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