Scientists tell us that the human brain can only hold so much information . . . and I think I passed the saturation point long ago. So when the brain’s “hard drive” becomes too crowded, older, rarely-used “files” are compacted and placed in deep storage.
Some of mine are in deep, deep storage. I have a girlfriend who is always saying, “Remember the time this happened and you said . . . ” I look at her and blink. “No.” I’m amazed that she can remember every word I said ten years ago and I don’t even remember the situation!

Yesterday I got an email from Jim, who I knew in high school as “Jimmy,” the little brother of my friend Tom. Well, Jimmy is grown up now, hence the “Jim,” and he sent me this message:
Hello. I hope this finds all well. We are fine, here. Just saw your mother yesterday and tried to get her to help me, but she couldn’t. I had a song pop into my head the other day and can’t seem to find it into any hymnal I have access to. I know some of the words. It was an invitation hymn and I think it was called “What About You”. . .
Jim went on to give me a few of the words, and they did ring a distant bell. I seemed to remember singing that song at a James Robison crusade, so I gave Jim that tip and sent him off to Google.

He wrote back later and said that Google wasn’t helpful. So I said I was sorry, but I couldn’t remember anything else.
And then I went to bed. And somehow the little men working in my brain accessed the file and brought it up. I sang the song all night in my dreams, and woke up with every word–and the tune–in my head.
What about you? What will you tell the Lord
When you stand before him on that day?
What about you? Will your life be in full accord?
Or will you turn from Him to darkness and dismay?

Have you forgotten . . . his love so true?
Have you forgotten how he suffered just for you?
When will you trust Him? What will you do?
You’re hearing now the call to Jesus, what about you?

I sent the words to Jim, and I hope he can rest easy now.

Have you ever searched your mental filing cabinets in your dreams?



  1. terri gillespie

    There’s a passage in Job that says, “God speaks one way or another . . . God may speak in a dream or a vision at night . . .to make men stop what they’re doing and keep them from getting proud.” (excerpts from 14-17)

    So, umm, I get a LOT of THOSE dreams. Sigh.

  2. terri gillespie

    opps, make that excerpts from chapter 33 of Job. Sigh.


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