I have a girlfriend who can’t read this one without crying. It’s an inter-generational tale about a child’s “lovey”–and the idea came to me because my son had a duck that he carried EVERYWHERE for about two or three years. The music box fell out, then the stuffing fell out, and I kept patching it and re-stuffing it. Tyler couldn’t sleep without it, so we took good care of it.
The story is told from the bear’s POV–he is in the arms of a little boy who loves him, and he grows old with the boy. Then the boy goes away and a young woman turns the bear into a quilt . . . and the next thing he knows, he’s in the arms of a little girl (the boy’s daughter), who loves him.
I also wrote a lullaby for this book, and I was able to actually sing it in the audio cassette version. Jeff Johnson did the music and wrote the tune to fit my lyrics, and it’s a perfectly lovely tune . . . one that I used to sing to my own children.
This book is also out of print, but it’ll always mean a lot to me because I see my children in it. And yes, my son’s duck is tucked safely into a memory box in the attic. One day I’ll pull it down and share it with his children, Lord willing. In time . . .


  1. Anonymous

    could I maybe find that book on Amazon?? I want to find a copy as I have my “blankie” that my parents wrapped and brought me home from the Chicago airport in. (I was adopted from Korea as well)


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