I am totally wiped this morning. I worked this past week on my current nonfiction WIP from morning until night–in fact, I was in the garage late last night and found myself staring at my poor car, which hasn’t seen the sunlight since last Sunday. (No wonder my cars never have any miles on them!)

But–though I feared I’d have to work today, I finished late last night, even battling through a migraine (Of course what I wrote may make no sense, but that’s okay. I have two more drafts to polish.)

Anyway–looking forward to going out in a bit to get groceries and pick up food for the doggies. BTW, Babe, the new 180-lb. girl (who’s as strong as an ox) has discovered that she can BREAK the stained glass in our front door. Oh, yeah. First it was one pane, the next day she broke two more. So now I’ve taped a huge cardboard box over the door, hoping to shield the UPS man and anyone else who comes up our sidewalk (that’s what sets her off–approaching visitors. She acts like she wants to eat them up, which is probably not a good thing.)

Other than that, she’s a sweetie. And yes, I’ve called the woman who installed my stained glass, and she’s ordering new glass as I type. (The photo, come to think of it, is of the door. I had to email photos of the damage to the stained glass designer. If you click on the picture, you can see the broken panes . . . and the fact that I love Levengers.)

Anyway, to the topic at hand. According to dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster, “truthiness” best summed up 2006, so it’s the word of the year. The word was coined by Comedy Central satirist Stephen Colbert, who defines it as “truth that comes from the gut, not books.”

I’ve news for Mr. Colbert–a lot of stuff that comes from the gut is completely false (not to mention verbally flatulent), so I suppose a thing’s “truthiness” is entirely subjective. A lot of books are entirely subjective, too, but I know at least one that isn’t.



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