Okay, so this isn’t the most earth-shattering of topics, but if you’re female and you speak/sing/go/eat out in public, you’ll appreciate it.

When most women apply their lipstick, it remains on for a few hours or until a meal is eaten–which isn’t long. When I used to sing professionally, I used to carry a tube of lipstick in the elastic sleeves of my performance clothes for a last-minute touch-up–and try to discreetly apply it at the table, which everyone knows is Bad Manners. Occasionally I’d have to throw up both arms in a choreographed move, which sent my lipstick rolling up/down my arm and into my blouse, where it was usually caught by my belt . . . you see, you never know what’s going on beneath . . . never mind. ;-0

Well–now we can all be well-mannered because one lipstick stays on! I’ve tried other “long-lasting” lipstick products, most of which kept their promise by sort of staining my lips and leaving them dry–not the best effect.

But some of my girlfriends have been shouting about CoverGirl Outlast, so I gave it a try. Last week, before our neighborhood progressive dinner, I applied it. The application is a two step process–first you apply color and let it dry, then you apply the “varnish” (my word, not theirs), which also dries.

I told my neighborhood friends about the miracle product, and after every course/every house, we all checked to be sure my lipstick was hanging on. It did. It hung on until 11 p.m., in fact, when I had to use eye makeup remover to take the stuff off. But that worked with no problem.

So–need a long lasting, glossy looking lip color? CoverGirl Outlast.

Now I wish I’d bought stock in the stuff.



  1. Pam Meyers

    You’ve discovered what I’ve known for several years. Cover Girl Outlast is the best! I’ve tried other brands, but nothing works as well. I love it.

  2. Rachel Hauck

    Great post! I bought and tried Cover Girl from those email discussions and love it!

    Who’da thunk such a product worked.

  3. Melissa

    I don’t wear much makeup but found I love the stuff. My hubby who doesn’t care for me to wear makeup and especially lipstick doesn’t mind because it really is KISSABLE. Working in the restaurant biz,it also holds up to long shifts in the front and back of the kitchen. a little vaseline or chapstic balm works as good elbow grease to take it off quick and easy too!

  4. lisa

    Oh wow! I gotta try this.

    Now if I could just find a mascara that doesn’t end up making my dark circles even worse!


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