The Christmas brunch menu is planned, the Daughter is on her way home, and the Son is beaming because he GAVE some cool things this year.
I’m happily munching on bubble gum–my gift from Santa hubby. 🙂 The diet has taken a vacation.
The work has been set aside, and I think even the dogs know that this is a special, reverent time.
May you–those of you I have come to know by name, and those of you who lurk–and your family enjoy the calm of eternal peace that springs from one holy night.


  1. Carrie K.

    Merry Christmas, Angie!

  2. Suzanne Schaffer

    Merry Christmas to you too Angela! Hope you have a great day with your family!

  3. Tami Boesiger

    Merry Christmas from this “lurker”! I enjoy your blog.

  4. Dianne

    The same to you. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and your books this year.

  5. Deborah

    i hope you had a Merry Christmas! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog throughout the year. I saw the Nativity Story this weekend and I finished reading The Nativity Story novel. I have reviews on both of them on my blog. I loved both of them. Thank you for writing such moving books.

  6. Anonymous

    Christ’s Blessings to you and yours as well, Angela. My sincere appreciation for how you, through your written word, have helped this person on her journey. What a great gift!

    Clyde Osterhaus Thayer


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