So this morning I’m on the treadmill, trying not to think about the big premier tomorrow night, and instead trying to figure out how to order my day. Do I jump into my revisions of Fairlawn? Do I work on my theology paper (almost done)? Do I jump back into Fairlawn 2? Or do I just chuck the schedule and go shopping?

I have to interrupt my thoughts and the adventures of Syd and Vaughn when the phone rings. It’s a reporter from WTSP, our local CBS affiliate, and they saw the article in yesterday’s newspaper. Can they come by this morning to tape an interview? (Actually, last night I heard they would probably be coming. This morning we nailed down the time.)

So I showered (and was so distracted that I washed my hair with conditioner. Twice. Kept wondering why it wouldn’t lather), got dressed, and put the dogs away. No time to clean the house.

The reporter and camera guy were very nice and put me at ease. Maybe too much at ease, because when they said they wanted to film me packing for the trip, I invited the entire watching world into my closet. 🙂

In any case, if you want to watch the video, you can see it here:

Do I really speak in incomplete sentences? I suppose I do . . .



  1. Suzanne Schaffer

    Wow!Thanks for sharing that…love the beaded top by the way. And you own a gazillion books! Have you read them all?

  2. eileen

    What a great opportunity! So excited for you. Surely Entertainment Tonight will capture the moment. Great beaded top, btw. Enjoy and spread Jesus all around.

  3. Carrie K.

    Great interview – can’t wait to hear all about the premiere!

  4. lisa

    Drat! I couldn’t get the video to open up. But I’m cheering you on here in Kentucky!!

    Go, Ange!

  5. Kristy Dykes

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Me, a writer. That’s all I can say. Oh, and, have fun! I’m thrilled for you.

  6. Terri Gillespie

    Angie, that top is gorgeous! Love your office. It looks like a cathedral! Have fun and post lots of pics!

  7. Kelli Standish

    Cool, cool, COOL!

    You go, girl. I hope you strutted it like Syd on that red carpet.

    I can’t wait to see all your photos.




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