Wow, we’re already into the Christmas season! I have a zillion things to do–when do we find time to do the cards and the decorating?

A couple of news items: first, the photo today is of me and Judy Arthur, who I met at the Delaware Book Festival. Judy and I discovered that we have loads in common–mainly our children, who are twenty-something. Need I say more? If you’ve been there, you’ll know what I mean.

Gary Soulsman, of the News Journal in Wilmington, wrote an interview article you can read here.

I also read a review of The Nativity Story movie with which I strongly disagree–and I haven’t even seen the film yet! But (as you can tell from my comments after the review) the reviewer takes this film to task for using traditional elements while he applauds The Passion, which used even more traditional elements than the Nativity movie. It’s apparent from some of the other comments that people who think they know the nativity story would do well to read the Scriptural account more closely. We have assumed so many traditional things are true . . . when it’s quite possible they’re not.
I’ll be amplifying and explaining these statements next week, when The Nativity Story will be the Book of the Month. I can’t wait to tell you all about it because I am really excited about this movie and the book! And the premier–I’ll be heading to Hollywood on Tuesday, going to the premier on Tuesday night, and home later to tell you all about it!


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  1. C.J. Darlington

    I saw a whole endcap display in my local B&N yesterday featuring your Nativity Story novel and a book with pics from the movie. I’m looking forward to seeing the film. The trailer made the characters seem so real, and it actually almost brought me to tears.


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