Thanks for your many suggestions about which title to do for November’s BOM. I put all of your suggestions on the calendar, but since I couldn’t do all of them in November, I settled on The Awakening for this month. It was originally published in 2004 by WestBow, and it’s still in print.
Recovering from the isolation of caring for her recently deceased mother, Aurora Norquest begins to experience bewildering dreams. As she seeks to understand the voices that fill her sleeping hours, she learns that her mother has hidden a secret . . . a truth that could change Aurora’s present and set a new course for her future.

Aurora is aided in her understanding by Philip Cannon, the neighbor who shows more than a friendly interest. With love as his ally, Philip helps her discern between truth and falsehood, the voice of guilt and the voice of love.

Christy-award winning author Angela Hunt delivers another parable for readers who enjoy being caught by surprise and delving a little deeper into life’s challenging issues. Read and be awakened . . . as you listen for echoes of a still, small voice.

Cindy Swanson wrote a very complete review of The Awakening that you can read here:
Tomorrow: how the idea germinated



  1. Connie

    YAY! I loved this book, and thought about it for a long time after I read it. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how it came about!

  2. Accidental Poet

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! This is the first book of yours that I read, and it’s my favourite favourite favourite book of yours – I’ve bought so many copies I’ve lost track. EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK. (well, everyone who reads fiction and thinks in metaphor, that is)

    Oh I’m all excited now.


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