I’d like to interrupt the regularly-scheduled BOM event to tell you about a movie I watched tonight: Saints and Soldiers. If you watched the DVD series “Band of Brothers,” about WWII, you may recall a scene where the German army killed a large group of American prisoners.

This movie, based on factual events, centers on a handful of men who escaped that historic mass murder. They are behind enemy lines when they discover a British flyer who has intelligence that he needs to get to the Allied forces in order to save many lives.

There are five men–and one of them is a believer, one of them is a skeptic. I won’t say anything else, except that this is one of the most powerful, least preachy movies I have ever seen. The Christian character is genuine, authentic, and completely human.
Netflix it today, or look for it at the video rental store (do they still call them “video” stores even though almost everything is on DVD? ) Suitable for teenagers, too.
(I didn’t recognize a single actor, but they all did a great job! I was impressed.)


  1. Carrie K.

    Band of Brothers is my husband’s absolute favorite, so I know he’ll want to see this one. Thanks for the recommendation! Did you see To End All Wars? That’s another really good one.

  2. Anonymous

    I noticed your post on Saints and Solidiers. The reason you may have not known the actors is this was a production of LDS filmmakers and used LDS actors. The reason I know this is I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. There has been a cry within the LDS community for the artists in it to create works that reach out to all. Not in an effort to preach as to build bridges. Saints and Soldiers is not a production of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but the artists just happen to be members of that faith. I am sure it would stun most of the Christian artists that their work can and is enjoyed and supported by the LDS owned book-stores. Deseret Book which is owned by the LDS carried Heavenly Daze series. They also sell other authors. They don’t isolate it from other fiction so a Lawanna Blackwell could be next to Emily Bronte. I have never seen any other bookstore do that. They also support Christian Music. The LDS owned radio station fm100 plays !
    on Sunday faith-based music that extends beyond the Morman Tabernacle Choir. Some of the artists they play are Michael W.Smith,Amy Grant,Steven Curtis Chapman,MercyMe and Natalie Grant. They also provide on their website a link so people can have access to that 24/7. Hope this sheds some light.

  3. Ruth

    I’m going to have to check out this movie, thanks for the heads up!


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