Someone asked the origin of Charley Gansky’s name . . .

You might have guessed that novelist ( ) Alton Gansky is one of my writing pals. Well, several years ago Al did me a favor and out of gratitude I said I’d name my next dog after him . . . never dreaming that there would be a next dog.

But there was. So Charley’s official AKC name is “Windfalls Glorious Gansky.” His breeder always called him “Chunky Charley” as a puppy, so around here he’s known as “Charley Gansky.”

“Charley Gansky” also makes an appearance in DOESN’T SHE LOOK GOOD? as an air conditioning repairman.

Babe is continuing to fit in well. The Daughter came home for a visit and remarked that Babe acted like she’d lived here forever.

I had to laugh this morning, though–hubby left the front door open and BOTH dogs ran out into the lawn–definitely a no no for my neighborhood. Charley came back in without too much trouble, but Babe insisted on racing to grab my neighbor’s newspaper before she came in. Hmm, I thought, taking the paper from her, could someone have taught her to bring in the newspaper? I’ve never been able to teach that.

So when our newspapers arrived (I read the Tampa Tribune and the Wall Street Journal on weekdays), I put Babe on the leash and led her to the papers. Did she pick one up? No. She danced on them, grinned at me, and then tried to take them from my hand when I picked them up.

Oh, well. Given her penchant for newspapers, maybe this trick is within reach. She’s good with sit, down, and belly. What fun it would be to send her out for the paper every morning–and it’d prevent me from scaring the neighbors by making a pre-makeup appearance!



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