Photo: Allison Bottke shows Charley her new book. Photo: BABE

We interrupt this regular blog to bring you exciting breaking news–BABE is on her way! We had our first meeting with Southern States mastiff rescue, and within the hour, we heard that BABE is on her way for a trial meeting. If she gets along well with the men and with Charley, she’s our new girl.
Update: It’s official, Babe is home. Babe needs to get used to men, but once we get her over that quirk, I think we’ll be all settled in. She’s two years old, Charley is almost four, so that’s a good span.

It’s so lovely to hear eight big feet again. How to describe a mastiff walking across a tile floor? My sister in law says it sounds like people walking through your house in slippers. shush-shush-shush. (VBG)

The rational part of my brain keeps questioning WHY I’ve brought another 200 pound drooly dog into my very clean house . . . . (she drools more than any mastiff I’ve ever had, but that might be because she’s nervous).

But when it comes to animals, rational never wins. Good thing I have a swiffer wet mop . . .



  1. Connie

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful! And huge 😀 You are right, rationality never does win 🙂 A month or so ago the cutest little kitten literally followed my daughter into the house. It was the same thing – why would I want another cat? or another thing to take care of, certainly I have enough things to take care of! But she was malnourished and probably in danger outside. So now she refuses to go outside at all, and her favorite place to hang out is on my laptop. Of course, she doesn’t weigh 200 lbs and she doesn’t drool 🙂

  2. C.J. Darlington

    This is incredibly great news! Congrats, Angie and family! Dogs truly are a man (and woman’s) best friend.

  3. Kathy Mackel

    Oh Angie, she’s awesome. I’m jealous but then again, after scooping doo-doo’s today for my 60 pound mutt, I simply can’t imagine…but we don’t need to go there right now. Well, you do but hey, the dog-hugs are worth it! (I do chuckle at the image of you slurp-skating across your kitchen floor. Now that there’s two mastiffs.)

  4. Ginger Garrett

    Angie! I’m so happy for you. There’s something very special about gentle giants and their people. (I’ve had 2 and am searching for my third.) It’s a good diet strategy. They eat everything you leave on the counters and nothing makes you look slimmer thank walking a dog who weighs more than you!)
    Many blessed years with this baby, Ginger Garrett


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