Charles Towne was one of my favorites to write. I am always learning, and I remember that I’d just learned something before I wrote this book . . . and now I can’t remember what it was! Maybe it was “the hero’s journey” form for plotting . . . or maybe it had something to do with romance, because this book has a classic romantic story line.

In any case, despite the readers who “didn’t get it,” the results were satisfying. In its review of Charles Towne, Romantic Times said: “Angela Elwell Hunt single-handedly sets a new standard for inspirational historical romance with her high quality of writing.” Romantic Times, May 1998

Pretty heady stuff for someone who was just beginning to feel like she had a handle on writing novels . . .

And my readers have been very kind. Here’s a bit from one email:

On a personal note, I have finished Charles Towne and want to know
if there are any more books in this series. These books have deepened my
understanding as to how this country began and how the church (Puritans in
particular) were too legalistic and prejudiced against the Native
Americans. It has been exciting to go back in time to see and feel what
might have gone on back then (as well as sometimes devastating). For a
person like me who visualizes everything she reads, this series has been very
fascinating! I hope that is not the last of this series — would someone
please drop me a note and let me know for sure?

And another:

. . . I begged my mother to allow me to read your Keepers of the Ring series, my mother’s favorites, but she held off on me until I turned 15 and studied American history in high school. Well, the magical year arrived this spring, and I have adored the books every bit as much as I adored your books earlier, but especially the last one, Charles Towne. Maybe it’s because, like just about every other teenager in America, I’ve been sucked into the vortex known as Pirates of the Caribbean, and with a few tweaks here and there, Johnny Depp casts a near-perfect image of Trace.

Tomorrow: Your Questions, my attempts to Answer. If you have a question, be sure to leave it in the comments.



  1. Ruth

    test comment

  2. Ruth

    Hi Angie,
    Sorry for the test comment, but blogger hasn’t been allowing me to post comments on your blog for some reason. Which is an absolute travesty because the Keepers of the Ring series are some of my FAVORITE BOOKS EVER!! I remember reading REHOBOTH when it first came out, and finishing it in one afternoon. I just CRIED at the end, it was so incredibly moving. Wonderful novels — thank you for the insight!


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