Rehoboth is the book that deals with King Philip. And it’s interesting that this book’s cover falls on “editing” day, because I learned something important in the editing process of this book.

Rick Blanchette, obviously male, edited this book with me, and he helped me to see things from the male perspective. Now I’ve always thought that male readers and I get along pretty well, because I’m not an emotional writer–not much, anyway. A teenage boy once told me that he liked these particular books because they had a “low mush quotient.” LOL!

In any case, Rick pointed out a scene where I had Rachelle and her brother, Mojag, meet another couple as they were out walking. I had written the scene from Mojag’s POV, and I had him just casually observing the scene.

Rick said “No way.”


“No way a young man who’s with his sister is going to look at a new pretty girl without also trying to size up the guy with her. He’d be wondering what their relationship was . . . and he’d be thinking, Could I take him in a fight?”

LOL! Well. I learned that if I am going to write from a male POV, I need to adjust my thinking. Maybe scratch my armpits occasionally or something. But there’s a definite difference.

Tomorrow: The Results



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