No, it’s not what you think. (Or not what I think you’re thinking.)

We’ve adopted two children, so we know about the application, the wait, the expense, the home study. And we’re ready to do it again.

With a dog.

It was a year ago tomorrow (Wednesday) that our dear Sadie passed away. And maybe it’s that anniversary, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve just finished reading MARLEY AND ME, or maybe it’s just that I’ve had a year of a one-dog household. In any case, I’ve been thinking about getting another dog.

First I checked with our breeder, and though they did just produce the cutest puppy on earth, I think they’re going to keep him. (I don’t blame them.) Then I checked out mastiff rescue . . . and when my hubby and son came home today, they found me staring google-eyed at photos of “Bubba,” who to have the same personality as our beloved “Justus,” who passed away a couple of years ago. (That’s Bubba in the photo. He’s five.)

So now we begin the wait . . . and go through the application, the home visit, the paperwork, the expense. I’ll keep you informed as we make progress.



  1. BJ

    Bubba is a handsome boy, who looks as if he deserves a wonderful mommy and daddy and doggie-brother. Carry on!


  2. Christy D.

    I love him! Kudos for going through a rescue. There’s so many animals out there who need good homes and it sounds like he’ll be more than happy in yours. Best of luck, hope the process doesn’t drag too long for you!

  3. Teresa Slack

    We went thru the same thing when we lost our beloved Reiley, a springer mix. Since then we’ve adopted a rescue dog, Angel, who has a starring role in my current WIP, and Molly, who wandered onto our property and adopted us. Rescue is the way to go. Enjoy Bubba!


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