Do you know that song? I used to sing it as a kid. “Heaven Came Down” was kind of a dippy song melodically, but the lyrics certainly describe what happened to me Saturday afternoon after the Philly conference.

My friend Terri Gillespie, whom I met in Philly several years ago, said that some friends of hers wanted to meet me. They attend her messianic synagogue, and I was delighted to meet Arlene and Judy. I expected the usual chit chat, but I wasn’t expecting the Lord to bless my socks off.

Let me back up a bit. When I was in high school, I played in a hand bell choir. Our director, Jim Whitmire, arranged for us to play at a reform Jewish synagogue. “Israel and the Jews are still God’s chosen people,” he told us, “and God promises to bless anyone who blesses Israel.”

And so we went off to play at the synagogue. That teaching stayed with me as the years went by, and later the Lord led me into an association with Pastor John Hagee. Through Pastor Hagee, my love for Israel was clarified and reinforced. I began to study Scriptures about God’s future plan for Isra’el, and I realized that in his sovereign plan, we Gentiles are grafted into their tree. Anyone who tells you that God has finished with Isra’el, or that the church has replaced Isra’el, is not interpreting the canon of Scripture clearly.

Listen to this (as yet unfulfilled) prophecy from Zechariah: “Then I will pour out a spirit of grace and prayer on the family of David and on all the people of Jerusalem. They will look on me whom they have pierced and mourn for him as for an only son. They will grieve bitterly for him as for a firstborn son who has died. The sorrow and mourning in Jerusalem on that day will be like the grievous mourning of Hadad-rimmon in the valley of Megiddo. All Israel will weep in profound sorrow, each family by itself, with the husbands and wives in separate groups . . . (but) on that day a fountain will be opened for the dynasty of David and for the people of Jerusalem, a fountain to cleanse them from all their sins and defilements. . . . And the Lord will be king over all the earth . . . And Jerusalem will be filled, safe at last, never again to be cursed and destroyed.”

Paul referred to Isaiah 59:20-21 as a future promise.

God has a plan for Isra’el. Paul wrote “Yet the Jews are still his chosen people because of his promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn” (Romans 11:28-29).

In any case, over the years, God has led me to write a few books in which I could honor Isra’el by portraying characters as they really were. Jesus was not a brown-haired Greek, he was a Jewish rabbi named Yeshua. Mary, his mother, was named Miryam, and he grew up respecting and obeying the Law he came to fulfill.

Back to Saturday afternoon–I met these two dear women, who thanked me for my books, for portraying Yeshua as the Jewish teacher he was. And then I asked them how they came to receive their Messiah, and the stories they told . . . I can’t do the stories justice, but it was clear to me that God has been working in their lives for years. He revealed himself so clearly, drew them to his side so steadily and tenderly, yet in his own time.

And my heart overflowed (not to mention my eyes!) with love and passion for reaching the same people Paul yearned to reach.

The world has been so filled with Christian anti-Semitism–yes, it has–that we must own up to the debt of love we owe. And that is the best way, I think, to reach those who are Jesus’ physical brothers and sisters–we must love. And as I writer, I must be honest and true when I depict biblical characters who are Jewish. How can I do less?



  1. Terri Gillespie

    Perhaps, we touched the reality of Jew and Gentile, one in the Messiah. Maybe, this is what it feels like to touch each other’s heart and all that dwells there–the pain, the joy, the hope.

    Yeshua prayed in John 17, that we would be one so the world would know. We felt what that means. I don’t know about you, but I want MORE. Imagine the world experiencing this? There would be revival!

    Thank you, Angie, for creating authentic Jewish characters that embody your love and understanding of Israel and her people. You have blessed many.

    But even more, thank you for taking the time to open your heart to embrace your sisters in Yeshua/Jesus and allowing them to bless you.

  2. Tasra Dawson

    Beautiful words and wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing your story and the heartfelt reminder about God’s chosen people.

  3. Ed Levin

    Your words and your loving heart for our Jewish people have touched my heart so deeply. I found myself welling up with tears as I read what you shared. I am a Levite and most importantly a Messianic Jewish believer in the Messiah Yeshua. I attend Messianic Jewish Congregation Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia. I plan to share your dear sweet words with my friends and particularly with my sister who is not yet a believer. I know your comments will especially touch her heart.

  4. Candy Abbott

    I found blessings at every turn during the Philadelphia conference-right off the bat with our “Nangie” reunion on Wednesday night, and every day after. Just being around you and Nancy Rue is always edifying and motivational. But to catch a glimpse of the mutual blessing you and Terri expertienced with these precious Messianic Jews at the conference is the capstone, even for those of us who weren’t present. Thank you for your writing ministry to the body of Christ, to God’s chosen people, and to unbelievers who discover Christ through your words.


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