Hurricane Ernesto is south of Cuba at this moment, churning around and trying to decide whether or not it wants to become a hurricane. Since the ocean waters are warm, I’m betting it will . . . and it looks like it’s coming toward Florida.

When we went to bed last night, we were in the dreaded “five day cone.” When we woke up this morning, the cone had moved east, sparing us, but not sparing the central part of Florida.

No one can truly predict a hurricane’s path–they are fickle things–but we’ll be checking the hurricane web sites for the next few days.

Since I live in Florida, we don’t pass a single summer through fall without thinking of hurricanes. A hurricane, in fact, plays a huge role in one of my upcoming novels, THE ELEVATOR.

I found this clever online simulation that illustrates the destructive force of a hurricane. Try it out, and then thank the Lord if you live miles from any beach.


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  1. Ane Mulligan

    Already praying for all you Floridians. That simulator was scary! I tihnk if I lived in Flroida, I’d build a dome house.



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