Photo: The Hunt Family circa 1988, when my first book was published.

Accidental Poet asked for a list of my books that contain an adoption thread. I had to look over the complete list, but I think I’ve got them all:

THE ADOPTION OPTION nonfiction and out of print (so you’d have to find a used copy of this one!) but it’s our adoption story. The first part of the tale, anyway.

LOVING SOMEONE ELSE’S CHILD. Also nonfiction and out of print, but expands to include foster parenting, aunts, uncles, grandparents and stepparents who step in to love other people’s bio children.

THE STORY JAR. My novella, “The Yellow Sock” is also our story, only slightly fictionalized. I used my actual “waiting” journal to write it.

THE NOTE–adoption thread.

THE PEARL–adoption thread.

THE DEBT–adoption provides a major plot point.

MAGDALENE–adoption thread

THE SHADOW WOMEN–yep, Moses was adopted.

I think that’s it. Since adoption has played such a large part in our family life, I suppose it’s only natural that it should show up in my work, even when it’s only a “thread.”



  1. Dianne

    Just more reason to identify myself as a fan of yours. Your children are beautiful. I don’t know if adoption, or even kids, are in the cards for us, but I always enjoy reading adoption stories!

  2. dana

    Where did you adopt your children from? They’re beautiful. 🙂

  3. Doni Brinkman

    And I read all five of those and I am not sure which was the first that spurred me to write you either. I do know that The Pearl and the Proposal both had bioethical issues involved and since I am going to be a bioethicist when I grow up (hee hee), I REALLY enjoyed those.

  4. michael snyder

    I agree with the ladies…a beautiful family. We adopted a couple of years ago, bringing our total to four (ages 8, 6, 5, and 2).

    If time/money/age were no object, we’d adopt 2 or 3 more. And who knows what God has up his sleeve? (I hope He’s not reading this…I’m tired.)

  5. BJ

    Beautiful photo, Angie. I read THE ADOPTION OPTION…wonderful, helpful story.

    We have one biological daughter, one adopted daughter…both daughters of the heart. It’s quite an experience, and one we’d do all over again (if we were younger!)


  6. Angela

    We adopted our children from South Korea . . . long story, and filled with the obvious workings of God.

    Thanks for the kind comments. We appreciate them!



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