Sunday afternoon I watched PAPER CLIPS, a movie I’d received from Netflix. (Terri G., did you tell me about this one?) I don’t remember exactly how it got in my queue, but there it was, so I watched it.

And I will never forget it. Run to your computer or to your movie rental place and get this one. Watch it with your family. Tell your friends.

Paper Clips is a documentary; the true story of students from the tiny town of Whitwell, TN, who wanted to learn about the Holocaust. So they decided to collect six million paper clips to illustrate the death of six million Jews at Hitler’s hand.

The result changed the school, the town, and a good many people beyond Tennessee. I don’t think you can watch this movie without weeping, but it’s extremely motivational and positive.

Paper Clips was named one of the top films of 2004 by the National Board of Review of Motion pictures.

I was also haunted by a song that plays in the movie. After waiting through all the end credits, I discovered that it was called “Jubilee” and was sung by Alison Krauss. It is ONLY available through itunes, so I had to download a copy. Amazing!

If you haven’t watched this, it may be the most important hour and 22 minutes you spend this week.



  1. Terri Gillespie

    Yep, it was me. The powerful images of this movie will change your life and give you hope for the next generation. It also proves it doesn’t matter how small a school budget, imagination and heart can do miraculous things.

  2. Amy

    Thanks for the recommendation. It’s going on our Netflix queue today!

  3. Christina

    Alison Krauss is amazing! I love the song, but I haven’t seen the movie yet. Thanks for the recomendation!


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