My email box has been filled with letters about the explosive situation in the Middle East. If you’re a prophecy scholar, you know that the world will (and always has, if the truth be told) revolve around the Middle East and Israel. There mere fact that Israel still exists is one proof of God’s willingness to keep his promises.

First, a report from Christian Israelis:

Air conditioners are off. Windows are open to listen for a one-minute siren.The Israeli Army told Israelis from TelAviv northward to “be alert.”

The command said that in the event of a rocket strike, a siren will sound a one-minute warning, alerting the public to seek shelter inside as protected a room as possible.Residents across the North were instructed to take cover in bomb shelters and secure areas 24/7 (this is difficult to do). 600 people have been treated at hospitals. Israel Railways halted all train traffic north of Binyamina. Authorities closed Haifa Portand diverted ships to Ashdod Port.

The Israel Defense Forces said over the weekend that more than 700 rockets have been fired at Israel since the start of the military operation in Lebanon, prompted by the Hezbollah abduction of two IDF soldiers last Wednesday.

The Bible on “Lebanon”

Israel has taken its hits, but has done major damage to Hezbollah. Most Israelis want terror stopped. . . period. . . because people have an inherent right to live safely without threat to life or property. We are willing to fight to defend ourselves, our families and our nation, and to pay the price. There are interesting, unfulfilled Scriptures in Hab. 2:17 and Zech. 10:10 concerning the country of Lebanon!

HaAretz reports the Shi’ite guerilla group Hezbollah has amassed over 10,000 rockets, some having a range of 220 km, and has dispersed them in towns throughout Lebanon. Hezbollah leader Sheikh Nasrallah on Sunday said the Israel Defense Forces offensive on Lebanon had not depleted its large stockpile of rockets, and warned that the Islamic group could strike almost anywhere in Israel.

“We will continue. We still have a lot more and we are just at the beginning,” Nasrallah said in a taped televised address on Al-Manar. “We promise them surprises in (any) confrontation. Today, especially in this sensitive moment and after several military achievements and surprises, Hezbollah is not fighting a battle for Hezbollah or even for Lebanon. We are now fighting a battle for the (Islamic) nation,” he said. “The peoples of the Arab and Islamic world have a historic opportunity to score a defeat against the Zionist enemy … We are providing the example,” he added.

Rockets have landed all across the north, including a Haifa train station. “The injuries at the depot are the most severe,” said Haifa mayor YonaYahav. Hezbollah television station reported that rockets hit the oil refineries in Haifa Bay. “The Islamic resistance . . . rained again on Haifa with a new salvo of Raad-2 and Raad-3 rockets,” it said.

And another report from a Christian teenager in Lebanon:

yes , things are pretty bad here , no electricity ( since the generators were bombed) no food (well until now , there’s only hunger in the south , but with Israel surrounding every bit of the country , any form of trade has stopped ) etc…

The good news is that since we live in a Christian area, we haven’t been attacked, the effects we feel aren’t direct, and its the fear of listening to bombings that we have to worry about. That is, until now. In my belief, Israel won’t stop at killing Muslim civilians, but Christian ones, too (not taking consideration that almost the majority of Christians is praying for the end of the Hezbollah movement).

Angie here again: Israel isn’t targeting innocent civilians, but war is not always neat and tidy. I’ve been praying for Christians in both countries, and that God would help Israel defend her borders and silence the guns and rockets of her enemies. We must remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem . . . and her safety.



  1. Lyndsay

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’d just been thinking about how everything going on in the Middle East comes back to God and the Bible.

  2. Joel

    Hello Angie, although my wife has read several of your books, I must admit until yesterday, your name was one I knew as just another Christian author. Then I picked up “Magdalene” from the sofa where Vickie had left it and started reading. I finished it tonight and it so moved me that I felt I had to respond. Although I have been a Christian for over fifty years, I, as Mary M., have held onto things that should have long ago been released. It is reassuring to know that someone who had a direct relationship with our savior and LORD might still have had things to work out. Thank you, Joel

    “On a more serious note…”, It does seem God is getting us all ready for a glorius day…my life this past week has been touched in ways I only thought unimaginable.

  3. Dana

    Well, if that doesn’t make you want to read Magdalene I don’t know what would!! I recently purchased Magdalene and plan to begin it as soon as I finish The Debt which I’m 2/3 the way through. I leave on a mission trip to Honduras at 3am Saturday morning; your new book will be my travel reading. 🙂

    God Bless!

  4. Dana

    By the way, I wrote about Uncharted on “my” website if you’d like to check it out: My husband and I are preparing to be career missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. 🙂 Your book, The Debt, is really making me think. I can’t wait to continue reading to see what’s still in store. 🙂


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