Last night I watched “Pride and Prejudice”–the 2005 version, and found it lovely even if the ending was too modern for my taste. I love almost anything with Brenda Blethyn in it, and she was a stitch as the hysterical mother.

As I watched, though, I kept thinking that the movie seemed familiar–in ways different from the obvious parallel of the earlier version of P&P. Then it hit me–last year I watched the Bollywood (Indian) version called “Bride and Prejudice” and thoroughly enjoyed it, too. It’s a musical, and it’s hilarious when the surfers and people in the marketplace spontaneously break into song.

So–if you want to give yourself a treat, watch the period piece “Pride and Prejudice” followed by the contemporary “Bride and Prejudice.” What fun!

BTW, last night at the convention I was able to see a brief film on the making of THE NATIVITY STORY. It’s really exciting to watch scenes I’ve worked on come to life before my eyes . . . and this is going to be a GREAT movie.



  1. Ruth

    Great post, Angie — especially since it’s about two of my very favorite movies! I love the Bollywood P&P, it was such a delightful surprise. And while the ’05 P&P is not quite as literally faithful to the novel as the A&E miniseries, I absolutly adored it and thought Keira Knightley did a fantastic job with the character of Lizzy. Glad to hear you enjoyed both films!

  2. Deborah

    i LOVE P&P. in fact i just rechecked it out from the library again tonight. lol. it’s such a refreshing movie. sense & sensability and emma were great movies too.

    have you read the Austen series by Debra White Smith? She rewrote all 6 of Austen’s books in updated, modern situations.

  3. Eileen

    Sorry this is unrelated to your post, but wasn’t sure where to ask it. I just found your blog – finished The Awakening yesterday, loved it! I’ve also read Unspoken and have a question about it. Do you pronounce the gorilla’s name “Seema” or “Sehma”. We read the book for our book club – my sister and I read it as “Seema” and the others all said “Sehma”. Who is right? Thanks!

  4. Shauna

    I thought the guy who played Mr. Darcy in Bride and Prejudice was horrible, but otherwise it was fun (especially since Sayid from Lost is in it!). Lagaan is really long but worth watching if you like Bollywood music and dance (not to mention cheesy plotlines).

  5. Tammy

    Hi…I’m visiting for the first time and it was so interesting viewing your site. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your books yet, but will be on the lookout for them!
    I am one of those unpublished wanna-be writers and hope to be finishing a Christian romance very soon. (It’s been hard with two small kids and I just started homeschooling, too!)
    Anyway, I really liked the movie P&P…although, I loved the miniseries a bit more. We recently read the book in a bookclub through church, so it was interesting to compare.

  6. Anna

    I haven’t seen either version of P&P yet (I know, BAD romance writer. BAD. No truffles for me.)but absolutely love Bride and Predjudice. I always enjoy a lavish treatment, and I think I would be perfectly happy to pay to hear Naveen Andrews (Lost’s Sayid) read the phone book — in India, England, or the US.


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