I had a serendipitous moment that you have to be female to appreciate. (Gentlemen, you may leave now. I doubt you’ll understand the importance of today’s post.)

Last week I was flying to Denver and, in a moment of boredom, I picked up the Skymall magazine and flipped through. Saw an interesting gadget and ordered it.

Today I was back at work on The Nativity Story, and was polishing a scene that involves an armilliary sphere. I had never seen one, so in the first draft I hadn’t been too specific, but I figured I’d better check things out. So I did some research, discovered the details, and studied a picture. I’ve posted the photo for you. (It’s a brass device with circles revolving on axes and used by ancient astronomers to predict the movement of the stars.)

So while I’m working on the scenes with the magi and their armilliary sphere, the UPS man rings the doorbell and delivers my gadget from www.skymall.com. It’s pictured here, too.

Now, tell me truly–did I have a deja vu moment or what? I got a giggle out of it.

BTW, the “bra baby” has nothing to do with astronomy and everything to do with laundry. You put your padded bra into the “sphere,” hold it in place with the “inner sphere,” and toss the thing into the washing machine. Your curves are supposed to come out smooth, not lumpy, if you know what I mean. For a bra baby of your own (they come two to a package), visit http://www.skymall.com and search for “bra baby.”

I sure wish they could have come up with a more dignified name to put on the outside of the box. My UPS man must be curious.

I could always tell him I’m studying the stars . . .



  1. Becky

    I bet your UPS man had quite the chuckle.

    I may order a Bra Baby myself. Beats the delicates bag I’ve been putting mine in,

    As for the deja vu…not sure about that one.

  2. lisa

    Oh shoot. Why get a bra baby when you can, instead, damage your bras so badly the underwire pokes through the fabric and into your skin? Good times.

  3. Cindy

    Too funny!!!

  4. Kristy Dykes

    Men haven’t a clue what we go through.

    Thanks for a big laugh today.

  5. Ruth

    Oh Angie, that’s hilarious!

  6. Tami Boesiger

    How funny is that?! I love it! Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?


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