Happy Fourth of July!

Just for fun, before we jump into the topic, you have to visit this link: http://www.flurl.com/uploaded/Honda_Civic_Choir_43459.html . A creative choir (and ad agency!) create the sounds of a Honda with a choir. Fun!

As I recall (and it was a long time ago), I wrote THE IMMORTAL in my usual time, which was about three months in those days (I take a little longer now). The only particular challenges I recall were finding the correct Italian phrases (those online translators just don’t cut it) and making sure my Rome locations were correct.

I’ve been flogged, BTW, for having Asher visit a Baptist church at one point. I think people assume I invented that church because I worship at a Baptist church, but that’s not true. I used that church because it HAPPENS TO REALLY BE THERE. In fact, I’ve received a couple of emails from people who used to attend that little church.

It was important for me to have Asher visit the kind of church that would present the gospel with a fresh face. Having come up through the Catholic church (and, incidentally, the Inquisition), Asher needed something different. My discovery of that real Baptist Church (in a book about Rome) was a godsend.

Tomorrow: The Editing



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