As always, I learn from every book. And after one Amazon reviewer pointed out that I overdid the element of surprise in this book, I’ve learned to watch sentences like this:

“He lifted his brows in surprise.”

Now I’d probably just write: “He lifted his brow.”

Instead of having someone gasp IN SURPRISE, just have them gasp. The surprise is implicit.

Some reader reviewers have been unhappy because they really want ASHER to be the main character. Sorry, but the story is about Claudia. It’s about how Asher changes her life. (I suppose that’s a risk one takes when inventing a fascinating antagonist).

Others have been unhappy with the ending. They want everything spelled out and clearly defined, but I wanted to leave an element of mystery. SPOILER ALERT: I believe that when Asher finally accepted grace and stopped working for his salvation, he was taken immediately to heaven. His mortal body turned to dust, and that’s why no trace of him was found.

Some readers, though, want all that spelled out, but I’d rather you figure it out for yourself.

Of course there were lots of good reviews (even one from the TAMPA TRIBUNE, my local paper), but I tend to remember the ones who take issue with a choice I made. As I mentioned yesterday, the book was optioned by Columbia/Tri-Star (that option is now expired) and it has been made available as an audio book by RECORDED BOOKS.

So I’ve been pleased with the reactions and the results.

Okay–tomorrow–any questions? Just let me know!

~~Angie, traveling to Denver on Thursday . . .


  1. Connie

    I very much enjoyed this book. It was the first Angela Hunt book I ever read, but certainly not the last. Now I feel the need to read it again! It’s been probably 5-6 years since I read it the first time.

  2. Dana

    I loved this book as well. This and The Awakening (and now Uncharted) are my favorite Angela Hunt books so far…of course I haven’t read all of them…yet. 🙂


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