The first thing I had to research in writing THE IMMORTAL was the legend of the Wandering Jew. So I bought several books on that topic (and yes, there ARE several books on that topic). Next, I had to come up with logical “antichrist candidates” for every generation, particularly for the last couple of centuries. Interesting!

Then I had to research the end times–that was easy, because I’d written three novels with Grant Jeffrey on the subject, plus I’d ghostwritten several prophecy books (I don’t do that any more, BTW). Finally, I had to research Rome. I really wanted to go there, but wasn’t able to fit the time into my schedule. Rats!

Oh, yes–and one of the most fascinating things I had to research was body language. I am happy to say that I can now loook at a smiling person and tell whether or not that smile is genuine. (VBG) I’m also pretty good at picking up the tells of a lie, but since I’m not around people who lie all that often, I don’t get as much practice with that one.

Tidbit: when I learned all the tells, etc., I’ve learned to use them in my writing. For instance, when a woman flips her hair, it’s a sexually suggestive sign. So often I’ll have a woman flip her hair when she meets an interesting male character. I don’t explain it of course, but it makes sense.

Obviously, a person with crossed/folded arms is literally erecting a “wall” between themselves and others. They’re feeling defensive, so when I write defensive characters . . . you guessed it, I write them with folded arms. One arm down, one arm folded, is a sign of uncertainty. (Isn’t this stuff useful?)

So–those were my main areas of research. Lots of fun!

Tomorrow: the writing



  1. Carrie K.

    I can see how the body language stuff would come in helpful with character development. That’s one of the things I found fascinating about this book – how Claudia was so used to being able to read people and Asher seemed genuine, but it was so implausible to her. Her inner struggle was fun to watch.

  2. Betsy's Thoughts

    Two questions so far 🙂 I have not read that story. So when I read about the Wandering Jew. I had not thought of that myth but I had thought of John the beloved who is believed by some to live until Jesus comes again. So my first question is did you find anything about that in your research? The second is for my own curiosity. Is it a positive sign when someone clasps your hand in his and surrounds it with his other hand?


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