I spent some time today doing online research about hormonal migraines. And discovered that they’ve had some success with two therapies–one is a steriod that might lower my voice and cause me to grow a beard; the other is a drug that might addle my brain and just might possibly give me a migraine every single DAY (which is what I’ve had for the last week, and it ain’t no picnic.)

Sigh. The week of migraines I’ve just come through is the result of me and my doctor trying to regulate hormones through a more common treatment, and I think it backfired, big time. So I might as well just tough it out and be normal. I think.

My daughter is always telling me that she thinks she’s going to get brain cancer. When I asked her whatever in the world gave her that idea, she said that because she’s been as healthy as a horse all her life, she’s overdue.

So maybe migraines are just my thorn in the flesh. And if that’s all I have to deal with, I am a blessed woman indeed.

Fortunately, I know I don’t get migraines when I stress. When I’m stressed, my eye lashes move in and out. It’s hilarious. It’s like they line up and say, “All together, now! I’ll move left and you move right . . .” (And by now you’re thinking I’ve overdosed on some psychotropic drug, right?) Nah. Just telling it like it is on a Saturday night.



  1. Ruth

    Okay, trying to imagine the eyelashes thing gives me a major pain in the head.
    I hate hormones (just thought I’d share). I also hate trying to have them regulated. AAAHHH, the insanity of it all!

  2. Linda G

    My daughter used to get the monthly
    migraines. Since she’s in college
    I don’t hear about things like that anymore. But I have noticed that after
    she is stressed out, like after finals, that she is more apt to get one instead of during the stress.

  3. Toni

    I came across your blog while trying to verify the origin of the tiger & piglets photo. (I almost passed the photo and story along without checking to see if it was for real, but the “thinker” in me got the best of me and I had to find out for sure. *sigh*)

    Anyway, I also suffer from hormone related migraines. My neurologist put me on Topamax. Usually patients work up to 2 pills a night, but 1 a night controls my migraines. I am not affiliated with the company in any way, just thought I’d mention it in case you haven’t tried that particular medication.

  4. Angela

    Ruth–it is insane. And somehow I think we have Mother Eve to blame for it all. 🙂

    Linda–I’ve noticed that, too. I do pretty well under stress, but when it’s gone, wham! That when the headache can come.

    Toni–I think Topomax is next on my list. I asked my doc about it once, and he said he’d rather medicate me six days of the month instead of thirty. Okay, but I think things might get a little harier as I approach menopause.

    And there was one option I forgot to mention–castration. No, not the kind they do in Africa, but that’s the word they were using for removal of the ovaries. Of course, then you’d have to wear an estrogen patch to keep from going into surgically-induced menopause.

    Actually, that option doesn’t sound bad, except that I doubt my doc would do it.

    I know a LOT of women suffer from this, so thanks for letting me vent about it.


  5. lisa

    Angie, Will was on Topomax for a couple of years — talk about a weight loss sort of medication! He lost fifty-five pounds on it. (I know you don’t want to take it to lose weight, but hey, if you have to take it someday, at least you have that to look forward to!)

  6. Pam D.

    When I read about your daughter’s comment, my heart leapt with this thought — oh, don’t proclaim evil or disease into your life! God has been showing me lately how powerful our words are — both as a writer and as an intercessor. How the bible constantly references the Lord “speaking” things into creation, “declaring life” into being, etc. and how he gives us the power of “life and death” in our tongues. So I encourage your daughter – speak only the Lord’s life and blessing into your life! 🙂


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