A Romantic Times Magazine TOP PICK!

“A deceptively routine adventure with an accelerating sense of menace.” –Starred review in Booklist.

“Whenever I read fiction by Angela Hunt, I ‘expect the unexpected.’ Still, there was no way to prepare myself for Uncharted. This novel will surprise and unsettle you—and don’t even try to guess the ending! After you’ve finished reading, the story and characters will linger in your mind for days. Could a novel change your life? Read Uncharted and find out!” —JIM DENNEY, author of the Timebenders series and Answers to Satisfy the Soul

Uncharted is a brilliant retelling of an important parable. An entertaining read for the story alone, the book is enlivened by Angela Hunt’s fine prose, excellent action scenes, and intriguing characters. But the compelling demonstration of an eternal reality makes this a book not to be missed. Uncharted made me thirst for living water, and that is a wondrous thing. –Kathryn Mackel, Outriders (WestBow Press)

The impact of Uncharted remains with me a month after reading it. I find myself examining the motivations for many of my actions and words. Powerful, painful, cleansing. Everyone needs to read this book.–Hannah Alexander, author of Under Suspicion and Fair Warning

Angela Hunt is coming into her own as a creator of amazingly complex and detailed novels. Uncharted is a book that leaves you breathless with twists and turns and races toward a gripping, surprising conclusion Angela serves up a well-paced and absorbing read sure to satisfy readers who seek a bit of the unexpected. –Lori Copeland, author of Brides of the West and Men of the Saddle series

On the cover of Uncharted, author Angela Hunt says, “Expect the unexpected.” She isn’t kidding! Wow…this is a powerful, possibly life-saving, book. –Roxanne Henke, author of After Anne.

Angela Hunt’s Uncharted is a powerful story that delves into the unknown with a unique plot twist that goes beyond the unexpected. A powerful read that we have come to expect from Angie Hunt. –DiAnn Mills, author of When the Lion Roars

Uncharted is like a treasure chest, crusted over and half buried in sand. Dig it out, crack open the lid and behold: the riches… These characters lived with me long after I turned the last page, asking me to pay attention to my present decisions and motivations— reminding me that Christ calls me to act as a believer, not believe as an actor. —Lisa T. Bergren, author of The Begotten

For high-impact fiction, Uncharted is unequalled! It’s typical Angie Hunt keep-you-glued-to-the-pages suspense. And yes, you should be expecting the unexpected. But Uncharted does so much more. It will change the way you look at everything. Long after turning the last page, I can’t stop thinking about this book. –Randy Singer, author of The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney and The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ.

Uncharted by Angela Hunt will change your life if you let it. The vision in this book is haunting and terrifying–and all too real. Give it to your friends and to your enemies. And never forget it. I know I won’t. –Colleen Coble, author of Alaska Twilight

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Hunt, the author of more than 70 books, departs from her usual fare with this competent, if spooky, faith-based novel. The plot line is a blend of the movies Castaway and The Big Chill , with a touch of the television series Lost , creatively thrown together with the biblical story of the beggar Lazarus and C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce . . . Hunt excels at reminding Christian readers that God judges petty sins the same as heinous ones, and that being a “good person” outwardly often hides an interior life that is far from pure. Her theology . . . will be a good discussion point for book groups (a guide is included) . . . Copyright © 1997-2005 Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Tomorrow: how the idea germinated


ALASKA UPDATE: Whee! The BOM posts were pre-written, and I’m typing this on the fifth deck of the beautiful ISLAND PRINCESS at port at Ketchican, AK. Hubby and I spent the morning flying in a wee little float plane to an island where we enjoyed all you can eat crab and cheesecake for breakfast! before flying back to Ketchican. It’s beautiful and drizzly, and all I can think of when I look out the window is “the earth is full of thy posessions, Lord”–it’s amazingly beautiful. I’d type more, but I’m paying 35 cents a minute for a very slow internet connection!


  1. Ruth

    Hi Angela,

    So glad to hear you’re enjoying your cruise! I hope you’re taking TONS of pictures to share on the blog!! 🙂

    I cannot wait to read UNCHARTED, it just looks fascinating. Looking forward to learning more about it!


  2. Mara


    I’m enjoying your books. I finished reading “The Novelist.” Wow!

    On your website, it says that your book “Uncharted” is being released in a few days. I hope that’s true! On Amazon, it’s showing July… agh!


  3. Marco

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