What a nice surprise! I was going about my helter skelter day when the UPS man brought a package from WestBow. Inside I found five copies of THE NOTE, now beautifully repackaged in mass market size. Apparently this is an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart for twelve months, then the smaller mass market size will be available everywhere.

(Shoutout to Colleen Coble: Your endorsement is on the front cover!)

Hubby and I watched the finale of 24 last night–and I liked it. Just kept wondering about Dr. Ramano, though (remember him from ER?). That man who was calling the shots for Prez Logan–what happened to him? And I suppose Jack will spend the next year or so in a Chinese prison until some calamity brings him back to save the world in season six.

The cruise to Alaska is in honor of our 25th wedding anniversary, though now we’ve actually been married 26 years. We’ll be leaving Monday and gone for a week, and I’m looking forward to it. Alaska is the only state I’ve not yet visited, so I’m taking my camera and notebook to take lots of notes.

Well, I’d better get busy tackling the stack of stuff on my desk. Also trying to finish three spring house projects–the pet rock, the sick lawn, and the cracking stucco. I’ll be fortunate to get these three things settled before summer arrives.



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