If you’re familiar with Myers-Briggs, you’ll understand exactly what I mean when I say I’m an INTJ (Introvert-intuiter-thinker-judger). My type’s motto is “there’s always room for improvement!”

So even with a hectic schedule, I love to improve things–especially my house. We’re in our fourth house in this area, and in all of the past three houses I’ve built on additions, painted, wallpapered, moved furniture around, put in skylights, expanded walls, you name it.

Well–our present house has no room for expansion, it has a neighborhood association that forbids anything too different, and I only have seven feet of grass to the north and south. So my wings have been clipped–a bit. But we’ve been in this house four years, and my itch-to-improve has kicked in.

So, back in February, I thought it’d be nice to upgrade our very ultilitarian pool–put some pavers over the cracked deck, maybe build a tiled wall with some water splashing over the top. Had three guys out, got three bids. Picked a company, who said the project would take four to six weeks.

Well–later they called to say I couldn’t have my wall with the water over the top (long story), would I like a waterfall instead?
“What’s that? Will it look like a big fake rock?”
“Oh, no, put some plants around it and it’ll look natural.”

(This was the sales man, of course, who said I looked too young to have grown children. I’m such a sucker.)

Okay, so we’re at about 12 weeks, still no pavers (though they are supposed to come soon), and today a guy comes out to look at the Big Rock. It’s supposed to be finished and working, but guess what? Somebody sealed that two-ton thing and forgot to put in the plumbing!

So I have a pool filled with globs of concrete (another long story) with a big pet rock perched on the ledge. I’d pose Charlie Gansky on the edge for a photo op, but he’s scared of the thing.

LOL. I have to laugh. Or I’d cry.

Next, I need to paint the house . . . I’m thinking light green with black shutters and white trim. But I won’t call a soul until this pool rock project is finished.

P.S. Happy 26th anniversary to my darling hubby!



  1. Anonymous

    So are they going to fix it — turn the pet rock into the waterfall you expected?

  2. lisa

    Have a happy day!!

  3. Angela

    They’d better fix the pet rock! I’m not feeding it! 🙂


  4. Ruth

    Oh my gosh…reminds me of my friend Becky’s pool project last summer. They were having one installed and it turned into an absolute nightmare…the guy was WEEKS over his projected estimate. What a pain. Hope they put the plumbing in your pet rock soon and bring it to life! 🙂


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