I watched an interesting movie last weekend: Raise the Red Lantern. I wouldn’t call it entertaining, but it was extremely interesting and haunting enough that I dreamed about it. Kept seeing striped kimonos in my dream, and had a dream epiphany where I said, “OH! I get it! The stripes represent prison bars, because she was living in a prison!”

The film is Chinese, it’s a period piece, and it’s psychological. The translator who did the subtitles obviously doesn’t speak English as his first language, but most of the translations were understandable. One of them, though, made me chuckle. One wife is speaking to another wife, and the second wife is pouting. I think the first wife means to say, “Don’t be so moody,” but in the subtitles she says, “Don’t be so groovy.” Tee hee!

In any case, it’s an interesting film. The protagonist isn’t exactly sympathetic–I kept thinking, Come on, honey, you can win more flies with honey than vinegar!, but all these wives had tart tongues. Overall message: beware the consequences of lies, scheming, revenge. Just like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon seemed to tell us the wages of sin is death.

In any case, if you like interesting foreign films, check it out.


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  1. lisa

    You wrote almost 6,000 words yesterday?!!!!


    Good for you!


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