It’s Monday! I’m down 2.8 pounds, but I think it has more to do with the killer migraine I had yesterday than with any conscious decisions on my part. Still, who’s complaining? How’d you do?

Flew in from Colorado yesterday afternoon after spending four days at the Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference. Nancy Rue and I did our “Nangie” course, and discovered some very good writers. That was fun.

We were also able to hang out with some dear writing buddies–among them Lisa Samson, James Scott Bell, Kathy Mackel, Nancy Rue, and Tammy Alexander. Waved at Ted D. from across the room, and got to share a few minutes with Nick Harrison, Andy Scheer, Joyce Hart, and others. Sweet Cindy Kinny of Big Ideas shared her ride to the airport yesterday, but I was so sick, I’m afraid I wasn’t good company. The entire way down the mountain, I sat in the seat, eyes closed and denim jacket over my head . . .

Sometimes I’d just like to chop my head off and leave it in a freezer until it stops pounding. If you have migraines, you’ll understand.

In any case, it’s good to be home and looking at the world through wide-open eyes. Hope your week is off to a great start! This time next week, I’ll be en route to ALASKA!



  1. lisa

    Down .5. But that’s because I’m fat and happy off of our time spent together in CO!!

  2. Suzanne

    Glad your headache is gone & that you’re feeling better

  3. Ane Mulligan

    My mother suffered for years with migraines. I understand. Fortunately, they figured out she was allergic to – gasp – chocolate! Poor thing. But later we found out she could eat white chocolate, so I always kept her supplied. :o)


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