Book of the Month for May: The Canopy , Westbow Press.

The jungle held the cure she desperately needed . . .
if she could find courage enough to claim it.

Neurologist Alexandra Pace races to find a cure for a deadly disease that is already ravaging her own mind and body. Can she trust British physician Michael Kenway and his unbelievable story of a mythical healing tribe living deep in the Amazon jungle? Are Alex and her team willing to confront the unknown dangers lurking in the dense forest? Is her faith in Michael enough to lead them through the black waters to an antidote that can save her life?

“Behold the long-awaited cure for ho-hum fiction! The Canopy guides readers on a nail-biting, breath-stealing, spirit-lifting journey through the Peruvian jungle, exploring the varied realms of medicine, science, religion, anthropology, and that most mysterious of worlds, the human heart.” –Liz Curtis Higgs, author of Thorn in My Heart

Tomorrow: The Idea’s Germination



  1. Accidental Poet

    This is the book of yours that made me want to read everything you’ve ever written. The part I liked the most was when the “bad guy” ran off into the jungle and encountered his “master(s)” – so thought-provoking. And I was so impressed that the writer had thought to include that.


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