I watched “Cinderella Man” last night–a very enjoyable movie, even though I cringed with every blow and every time my Lord’s name was taken in vain. Most of all, I enjoyed learning about a real person, James Braddock, a man who apparently was worthy of hero status . . . a rare thing in today’s world. (Of course, I haven’t done any research into what he was really like, so I have no idea how accurate the movie is.)

As I read and research more about funeral homes, etc., I realize that another goal for the Fairlawn series is to help people get over their fear of death and all things associated with it–to overcome the squeamish factor, as it were. Easy to do if my heroine is initially squeamish, because the reader should “desensitize” along with my heroine. I hope so, anyway

I spoke in two more Atlanta schools today, and had a rare treat–a young woman walked in with her daughter and said, “Remember me?” She was Laura Columbus, whom I taught 26 years ago in Lynchburg. She hasn’t changed a bit, and she’s now married and teaching students at another school in the area. So nice to see her!

Well, it’s been a long day. Two more schools tomorrow, then I’m flying home. Yea!



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