Thank you, Carrie and Kristine and Sally, for your kind comments (and thank you, Carrie, for the lovely review on your blog!) Kristine asked why I didn’t have the disciples go get the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem during the triumphal entry . . . the answer has to do with POV, or point of view.

Since Mary/Miryam couldn’t be with Jesus all the time, she didn’t hear Jesus tell the disciples to go fetch the donkey. She merely saw him with a donkey and made an assumption. Interestingly, the apostle John makes the same sort of blanket statement in his gospel: John 12:14 simply says, “Jesus found a young donkey and sat upon it, as it is written, ‘Do not be afraid, O Daughter of Zion; see, your king is coming, seated on a donkey’s colt.”

I’m sure POV is the reason the gospel accounts give slightly differing accounts of some events–it’s not that they contradict each other, it’s just that each writer is coming at it from a different point of view. John saw Jesus sitting on a donkey and wrote, “Jesus found it.” Miryam saw Jesus sitting on a donkey and said, “Some man offered it to him.” Luke tells the story of how Jesus sent two of the disciples ahead into the city with the instruction to bring him the colt . . . and when asked why they were taking it, they replied, “The Lord needs it.” (And I think we can assume that the owners then said, “Okay.” (VBG)

You see? All are accurate. (Well, I wouldn’t place my account on a par with Scripture, but you get my drift.)

P.S. Isn’t the weather pixie cute? She’s synchronized with my home town, so when I’m traveling I can look at her and know what weather I’m missing!

Have a blessed Lord’s day!



  1. Anonymous

    Hey Angie,
    Love the weather pixie. How in the world did you get her to park on your page? I’ve been to the web site and can’t get her to show up on mine. What’s the secret??

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Angie. Makes complete sense to me now! BTW, I also really liked the way you wove the crimson/purple cloth throughout the book. And the weather pixie is cute (better than the talking head!).


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