Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be speaking at schools in Orlando . . . and I think this is the last of the schools for this spring. I’ve enjoyed them, but I also enjoy being home.

Hubby had his first colonoscopy today–that’s a milestone of sorts, isn’t it? Had to drive him and pick him up, but he reports that it was no problem. He went to sleep and woke up with it done and everything all clear. Best of all, he doesn’t have to do it again for another five years–when he’s sixty-one!

About Catherine, the talking head–thank you for your opinions. Some of you love her and some of you hate her, and I’ll admit that’s she’s been fun . . . for a month. I’m afraid she’ll get old, though, so I think I’m going to let her go at the end of the month. So enjoy her, because her days are numbered.

I’m reading all kinds of research books to prepare for my funeral home book. Today I read this self-published book by a mortician. The information on how to embalm bodies and how a funeral home operates is wonderful, really useful stuff, but the author called it a “novel” and he’s written in . . . . well, perhaps he thought he’d make more money with a novel, and successful novels had to have a certain number of sex scenes.

So far two (living) female characters have shown up, and both of them seem to be walking breasts–at least, that’s the impression the reader gets. I have to believe that normal American males see women as more than mobile mammary glands.

Please tell me I’m right.



  1. Ruth

    I didn’t get to comment yesterday…I don’t hate Catherine, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of hers either. Your last paragraph gave me a chuckle…some guys make you wonder, but yes, I do think you’re right!

  2. Suzanne

    I say we all get ’em removed and see what the guys do then LOL!

    When I was in high school I took a test sponsored by our US Army, to tell me what kind of job I’d be good at, they told me I’d make a great mortician….um, ewwww, I don’t even like to touch live people….
    Have fun reading that book 😉

  3. Amy A.

    The funeral home in our town just got a really cool old hearse. There is a picture of it going in our newspaper this week. If you would like to see it, I could email you the pic. Let me know.


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