Remember that song? Came out when I was in high school . . . loved it!

And it’s especially applicable right now, as I’ve just finished my last chapter in today’s theology reading. Here’s a paragraph–one of many, mind you:

We may put the matter pedantically by saying that the goodness of a state
of affairs p is balanced off by a wider state of affairs q provided that the
following is true: q obtains; q entails p; p is good; q is not good; and q
entails a state of affairs r such that p does not entail r, r does not entail p,
and q is better than r. But it is simpler to say that when goodness is balanced
off, then a whole that is not good has a part that is good, and, outside of it,
a part that is worse than the whole.

LOL. Did you get all that? I’m a little nervous because it’s actually beginning to make sense to me!

Here is today’s lesson in a nutshell:

Walter learns that something bad happened to Sam. (Whether it really happened or not)
Walter feels bad for Sam.
Walter’s feeling bad is a Good Thing.
Therefore, even a perfectly good world should have bad feelings in it.

Got it? Makes perfect sense to me.

Spent most of the day at Orangewood Christian School in Orlando . . . had a wonderful time with the kids. Will try to write up my theology lesson in a slightly more elegant form later tonight, when I am back from dinner.



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