Spoke at Pine Castle Christian Academy yesterday and had a wonderful time. Drove home through tons of Tampa traffic in time to watch the return of Alias . . .

And you’ll have to excuse me while I revert back to my seventeen-year-old self. Vaughn is alive! (I knew it). Syd had her baby! (In about two minutes-ha!) SpyMommy is a reluctant rat! (We knew this, too). Weiss is back! (I missed him!)

Back to reading about embalming and funeral homes. Enjoy your day!

P.S. What do I do in Christian schools? I talk about writing, give my testimony, and teach writing workshops in a program sponsored by Thomas Nelson book fairs.


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  1. Sally Bradley

    I’m curious for your reasons for visiting all these Christian schools. Are you speaking about writing or is it related to marketing? Hope that’s not too nosy!


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