Arrrgh! I’m at the “sticky” part of the WIP and boy, do I feel the pressure of the ticking clock! I still have eight working days until deadline, but I’m traveling six of those days, so I really need to get all the big pieces in place for THE ELEVATOR–and they’re not there yet. But I have faith, yes, I do, even though I feel like I’m spinning plates in midair.

This was a bit of nice news:

A review of Magdalene, from the April issue of Library Journal:

Only a skillful novelist could create such a multilayered, captivating portrait
of Mary Magdalene. Unlike Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, which proposed
that Mary had married Jesus, Hunt’s latest provides a perspective that will
appeal more to traditional Christian readers.

Mary is portrayed as someone who walked among the disciples of Jesus but who did not always understand his mission. Hunt’s attention to detail in her historical research, combined with her bright imagination, fills in the sketchy biographical facts and creates a fascinating and convincing Magdalene. First-rate biblical fiction,
this will appeal to readers who enjoy D.S. Lliteras (The Silence of John;
Jerusalem’s Rain
) or Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent. For most
collections. Hunt resides in Florida.

Since Magdalene is out, officially or not, I’ve changed the countdown ticker to the next book in the pipeline–UNCHARTED. But we’ll talk about that one later. (VBG)



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