Finishing up in Atlanta today . . . I’ll be at Mt. Paran Christian School this morning, then it’s off to the airport to fly home. And–good news! Last night I clicked the “send” button and sent THE ELEVATOR off to my editor, along with its style sheet and timeline. As I wait to hear from her, I’ll begin the research for my next book, the first in the “Fairlawn” series.

And I might take a few days off.

Oh–yesterday, at Fellowship Christian School, I walked into the library and received the shock of my life. The librarian, Linda Landrum, had unearthed a copy of the Re’Generation’s UNMISTAKABLY album . . . and there I was on the cover, with nine of my teammates. What a hoot! Few people even remember the Re’Generation, let alone have the albums. If you have a store of them around the house, I also sang on the GOING HOME and STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES albums . . . wow. Those were recorded in 1976-77. That seems like an eternity ago, but I’m still living out lessons I learned that incredible year.

Can you believe tomorrow is April first? No April fools jokes here, though I have heard of a couple floating around cyberspace. Tomorrow I’ll begin another “book of the month” feature, and we’ll be discussing MAGDALENE. See you then!



  1. Suzanne

    The only joke about tomorrow is that we have to turn our clocks…that is total bad timing! I wonder how many people won’t do it because it is April Fools Day? LOL

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Angie, I’m almost done reading Magdalene and I’m enjoying it so much. I’ll be really interested to read your upcoming blogs about how the book was researched.
    Can I make a request for a future blog? Please, please, please do a week of blogs on The Canopy! I loved that book (and the audio version!) and I would love to hear how you researched it.
    One more thing–can you give us a hint of what the Fairlawn series will be about? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Angela

    Sure! Since you asked, we’ll do a BOM on The Canopy next month. Fine with me!

    And Fairlawn is about a bit city woman who inherits a small town funeral home . . .



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