In the constant struggle between religions, governments, and ideological approaches, it is refreshing to hear a woman speak lucidly and with great courage. This Syrian woman is apparently an agnostic, but she is saying what so many are afraid to say about Islamic terrorism.

To watch a video clip of a television presentation, click here: . Pay special attention to what she says about the Jews, near the end of the clip.

From this corner, I am applauding. Hat tip to Lisa for pointing me to this clip.



  1. Leslie

    Thank you for sharing that! It does take great courage for her to say what she said! I read the transcript and I am in shock that they would have aired her interview.

  2. Betsy

    I say Bravo. I admire her courage and her honesty. I think she does Father Abraham proud. I do pray for her safety though. She will be lucky if she does not have some extremist target her. In a side note my wait is over at least when I saw what was in my mailbox. I will say the graphics do not do the cover just IMHO. Thanks again.

  3. Betsy

    Somehow justice got cut-off


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