Despite the ticker above that’s counting down to the official release date for Magdalene, I’m hearing that the book is showing up in bookstores (and mailboxes!) across the country. So by the time the ticker officially counts down, the book will definitely be available!

I spent yesterday hanging drapes in my living room. How can drapes take up an entire morning? Simple. Take one twelve foot metal pole, place it at least two feet higher than the first pole (requiring patching holes, repainting patched holes, and a ladder), and then try to hang very heavy drapes from curtain rings (the weight of the fabric will pull the curtains right off the hooks if you’re not careful.)

Final result? A curtain that can be “styled” in at least three ways. I’ll have to take a picture . . .

Better run. Off to church and then back home to work. My deadline approaches . . .



  1. Anonymous

    I spotted Magdalene in two area bookstores over the weekend. I was so excited! I picked one up and read the back cover and inside info, but fought the urge to buy it since I think one is coming to a mailbox near me soon! 😉

    I told the one bookstore owner (where I frequently shop) that this is a book she should display prominantly as a statement against the DiVinci book/movie. She thought that was a good idea. I’ll check back and make sure she follows through!

  2. Ruth

    CBD had MAGDALENE in stock when I checked their site yesterday afternoon…just FYI. 🙂

  3. S.K.

    I’m so excited — my copy of Magdalene arrived today, along with blizzard warnings for tonight. A snowy night with a good book– what a beautiful combination. Thanks!

  4. Deborah

    i got my copy of Magdalene today. I’m looking forward to reading it. it looks so nice and thick! thanks for letting me be on the list to get one.


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