Came home to find a box of MAGDALENE waiting on the dining room table . . . which is good, because I gave away my one and only copy in Ohio. (Aside: if you were among those first bloggers who sent me an email requesting an “influencer” copy, those should be going out soon. Let me know if/when they arrive, okay? If you didn’t send me an email, look for the book at your local bookstore.)

I gave myself a work quota today, which may not be a good thing because I have a mountain of mail to go through, many letters to answer, and some general catching-up to do (not to mention the laundry.) But I’ll sort through it. The good news is I did manage to get some pages done on my trip.

Had a wonderful serendipitous moment yesterday. After my last school gig (the fourth speech of the day), I was slogging through the Cleveland airport, ready to settle into my gate, and here comes Allison Bottke. We took a couple of minutes to hug and catch up. Allison is nervous about her first novel, which will soon release from Bethany, but I assured her she doesn’t need to be. It’s a wonderful read, about a zany woman who . . . well, here’s the blurb:

Can a middle-aged Christian woman be faithful, fashionable, and fabulous? As a
successful fundraising executive in Southern California, Dee Decker works in a
world populated by impossibly thin, designer-outfitted women. Dee has never felt
like she fits in, but nonetheless enjoys a well-earned reputation as being cool,
calm, and collected. When she discovers that her husband is having an affair,
Dee embarks on a journey of self-discovery (and plastic surgery) that will
transform her inside and out. But it is Dee’s spiritual transformation that will
bring real change to her life and the lives of her family.

Allison’s novel is titled A STITCH IN TIME, and it’ll be available in June. In fact, you could preorder it here .

Well, off to create a to-do list, and then tackle it. Have a blessed day!



  1. Ruth

    YAY! I’m excited to hear about MAGDALENE showing up in stores. I hope I made the cut to be an “influencer”…can’t wait to read the book.

  2. Melissa

    Even though we’re a “few country miles” away, do you do any bookstore appearances in the NW (or be able to)? (namely Washington state) *grin*


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