I need your help for a moment–it occurred to me that Michelle, the protagonist of THE ELEVATOR, will, at some point, go through her purse to see if anything inside might be useful.

Would you mind listing the contents of your purse in the comments section? Michelle is not married, so if you have any particular child-affiliated objects, I probably can’t use those. But I’d love to hear what’s in your wallet–er, handbag.

BTW, I’m heading out of town today and speaking in Ohio schools on Tuesday and Wednesday–seven schools in two days! Should be interesting.




  1. Suzanne

    Ok…here you go (this is an official warning…LOL)
    cell phone, tea bags (in two different flavors), hair clip, lipstick, three tubes of Burts bees tinted lip shimmer, mint lip gloss, keychain w/ keys and a mini sharpie (in hot pink), Bible (it’s a little one), peach flavored vitamin c drops, sunglasses, 2 emery boards, hydrocortisone cream, 3 pens, a pink highlighter, a cinnamon candy, a box of chocolate mints from Curves (sugar free of course), a tape measure,a mini pack of kleenexes, a tube of hand cream, my wallet (with assorted library, Sams club and credit cards) a calculator, and Aldi’s receipt, my checkbook, one antacid tablet, a packet of stevia, Burts bee’s Wings of Love (oil control pads) $1.22 in change and several *ahem* maxi-pads.

    Ok, my purse really isn’t that big and now I feel like a packrat. LOL

  2. Angela

    LOL! I don’t know how you fit all that in a not-large bag! But what a great list!


  3. Deborah Raney

    Big trifold wallet that takes up most of the purse and holds $17, odd change, checkbook, credit and insurance cards, pictures of my family; keychain with coin purse attached, USB flash drive with latest version of my WIP, cell phone, digital camera, glasses case with 2 pair Rx glasses and one pair non-Rx sunglasses, 2 contact lens cases, notepad, 4 pens (including one that glows in the dark), packet of photos of our 3-month old grandson, 2 lipsticks, tube of Carmex, 2 tubes of lip gloss, sample size mascara, small folding mirror, aspirin bottle with assorted pills, tube hand lotion, sample size mouthwash, sample size hand sanitizer, 3 packs Orbit gum, 5 Coffee Nips, sample size dental floss from my dentist, roll of wintergreen Lifesavers (which spark in the dark when you bite them, FYI), handful of my son’s business cards, fistful of grocery and fast food coupons, tons of empty gum wrappers and wadded Kleenex.

    What a fun question! Now, off to clean out my purse!!

  4. Betsy

    This is coming from someone that is single. I travel lightly basically an oversize wallet. Dl,Credit Cards, Costco Card, Library and insurance cards. AAA card,Sally’s Beauty Supply discount card,as well as another discount card for Krogers, and GNC. Pictures of nieces and nephews. I have also business cards that individuals have given me. A package of Orbit gum. Tampons and fantasy book referrals. Last but not least two letters in which I spilled my heart & soul out to a close male friend.

  5. sherri

    I won’t list all, as many have been covered in the previous posts, but one item I didn’t see that I always carry with me (unless I’m flying these days) is my Salvation Army knife I picked up on a trip to Switzerland. Always, always handy. The scissors can even cut thin metal. (I found this out when we needed to trim a “gobo”–a thin, metal, stencil-like piece used to project a silhouette from a theatre light. My students were skeptical–but it worked. 🙂

    Fun topic. 🙂

  6. Ruth

    This could get scary: wallet (with assorted credit cards & check book), CD, planner (small size), nail clippers, keys, bottle of motrin & sudafed, hairbrush, saline nasal spray, bottle of cranberry pills, cell phone, keys, emergency whistle, assorted bits of paper and receipts, earpiece for cell phone, 2 mechanical pencils, bible highlighter pencil, ball point pen, eyeglass case with cleaner cloth, makeup bag w/ powder, lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss, Bath & Body Works anticbacterial hand lotion (raspberry), mascara, deoderant, and tissues (and by the way, I’m single, and no, my purse isn’t that gigantic!! ;-)). I think I need to clean out my bag, LOL!

  7. Dianne

    Uh-oh, this is pretty scary. I have nothing in my purse that could be of help to anyone at anytime! Wallet, Palm, cell phone, jump drive, lipstick, powder, hand lotion, gum . . . that’s about it! Oh and some gift cards waiting to be used, and hopefully a pad! Perhaps I need to invest in a larger purse in case I’m stuck in an elevator – which is one of my great fears in life!!

  8. Melissa

    ok,here goes but be warned! I usually always carry a large purse or bag for the *just in case*…wallet with several different cards and coffee punch cards,mini planner,several pencils and pens,pictures of hubby and friends,mulit colored sharpies on a keyring( I love them!),checkbook,nametags for work,2 sm hotpads for work,coin purse, tampons,couple maxi pads,travel heat therapy pad,small baggy of vitamin c drops,mascara,couple colors of lipstick,lipgloss,chapstick,powder, sm bottle of tylenol,half pack of gum,calculator,travel swiss knife that has the tweezers and scissors,cd case with a bout 5 cds,couple hair ties,bag of Lifesavers,iPod and a couple xtra sets of earbuds,keychain with keys,several old timecard papers and receipts,book I’m reading at the moment,and purse fuzz/lint.

  9. Melissa

    oh nad I NEVER leave without my cell phone!!! *tee hee hee*

  10. Britt

    This is fun! I have my keys, Renu Contact eye drops, one tube of lip-gloss, two purple ballpoint pens, my quill pen, two small notebooks (my Moleskin and a cheap notebook), my wallet that has another purple pen, my checkbook, debit card, starbucks card, and various other cards, a handful of receipts a couple of dollars in cash, and some change. In the main pocket of the purse (book bag actually) I keep some files of WIPs, the book I’m currently reading (Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers), a tube of Hemp hand lotion, a birthday card from my birthday last month, a plastic bag from lunch, my cell phone and keys (complete with my Blockbuster and Ulta cards). I also keep schoolbooks in there on occasion.

    I think that’s about it…

  11. Christy

    This is fun! Here’s my list. Renu eye drops, a utility tool (with two knives, pliers, screwdrivers, bottle opener, and tiny ruler), sudafed, antibacterial hand sanitizer (for the grubby stuff at rummage sales), USPS customs forms, a small mirror, tons of coupons, a green bouncy ball, 2 pens, chapstick and several Friends of the Library cards, plus the normal ID and bank cards.


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